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Welcome to the Cult themed, Austin based Sin-Eater game that could go any which way! There will be all sorts of people to meet, betray (or be betrayed by), kill (have killed, be killed by) and other verbs and their passive forms.

First off, we’ll be running on God-Machine rules, so I’ve created a Basic Info page for you.

I’m also going to provide you with a handy list of Factions!

Ashwood Abbey
Network Zero

Sin-Eater Krewes
Knight Court
South Austin Supernatural Squad
Fog Walkers

Vampire Court
And then some outsider vampires.

Werewolves/Changing Breeds
There will be three packs. No, I don’t have pages for them Yet

There will be a couple of them and they don’t have pages yet either.

The Order of the Hallowed Garden

And more! Like the cults. And ghosts. And anything that doesn’t really have an associated group. Like NPCs. You’ll notice most of the pages are pretty dead and empty looking because this wiki has only just begun. Also, because I put info in the secret GM only section before I put it in the main section. If you guys have accounts, feel free to edit the main parts of any page.

Main Page

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