Cult-ivate Your Gods

Cult-ure Shock

After awakening from hallucinogenic cult-creating shenanigans, the krewe demanded coffee. Well, Boar Bones decided to shop for cult related accessories, put his face on, and then go for coffee. After an arm wrestling contest (Mud Doll and J-gumo, Mud Doll won), and an investigation from Wailing Shadow into Caleb Davis (moderately successful, turns out he’s a ghost buster but not nearly as obnoxious or public as Knight Court), the krewe goes to get coffee of varying degrees of sugar, cream and who knows what else. It has been determined that while the cafe doesn’t have a liquor license yet, it will soon.

Post coffee, the krewe decided to hit up a graveyard. That’s when they discussed rooming situations and the fact that they totally created a religion last night… And whether said a religion needed a theme song (it doesn’t.) Diagrams are drawn, religion is codified, all in a mostly peaceful cemetary on a Sunday. Also, it is re-established that Boar Bones’ apartment is haunted, but not why. The question of what kind of entertainment ghosts like also came up.

They established that they hate vampires (mostly because of Wailing Shadow and pre-existing prejudice there) and that they need at least two outfits per person for hunting vampires. Also, they decided to make money by hunting vampires by investigating them and selling the info to other actual vampire hunters (and then backing them up.)

Boar Bones and J-gumo both agreed to watch their phrasing in the future. They all agreed they need connections and allies (to eventually be converted to minions.) Afterward, Mud Doll and J-gumo decided to spar for an hour (after sunset) and Wailing Shadow timed the exchange, reading his newspaper. After which, they all decided to retire for the night.

Mud Doll and Wailing Shadow went home unaccosted and went over roommate rules. Boar Bones and J-gumo went back to HEB and ran into Mormons on the way there, but nothing really happened. Yeah, they went to buy alcohol again. Everybody went home and decided to pursue their own goals the next day.

Next day, J-Gumo and Boar Bones exchanged favors so Boar Bones found a smith (who found a smith) to make a Chinese broadsword for J-Gumo. In exchange, J-Gumo paid for Boar Bones’ haircut so Boar Bones could become actual friends, not just professional friends, with her hairdresser Jasmin Lorna Obama (thanks random name generator!) Meanwhile, Wailing Shadows decided to look into people to sell info about vampires to and in the process managed to find another vampire whom he, naturally, wants to destroy. They decided to meet back up at the cemetery to chat because that makes all of the sense. While there, they discussed their plan of action on investigating the vampires.

(Two days later, I return and find myself fuzzy on the timeline. Well, I got most of it done, at least.)

The krewe decided to scope out Alan Parish, one of the names Wailing Shadow was given while looking into people who’d pay for interesting/weird/truth-is-out-there information who sounded incredibly, suspiciously like a stereotypical vampire. The third day of these shenanigans they hit up the rental home he shares with Haley Thorne and Wailing Shadow used a Boneyard to investigate and see what he could find: Two people sleeping in a bedroom with windows blocked out with black out curtains. Being a Sin Eater, he could tell that they were undead and not just normal people sleeping although one certainly resembled a human more than the other. Deciding that the best course of action would be to frame the first vampire, Caleb Davis, for the murder of Alan Parish and (probably, though not actually stated) Haley Thorne, the krewe went back to the Driskill Hotel to spy (again with Wailing Shadow’s Boneyard) on him. Like a good transient vampire, or rather a transient vampire of quality because the only good vampire is a perma-dead vampire, he was sleeping in his hotel bathtub and had a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

Nobody did anything to the vampires in question and decided to head out and gather supplies. Either that day or the previous day, Mud Doll and Wailing Shadow went to first an army surplus depot and then a police supply store to pick up a holster for Wailing Shadow’s handgun and to get Mud Doll some steel toe boots. Since no one has a car, the bus was taken where upon it was established that their bus to the vicinity of the police station is Ms. Frizzle (or someone very similar) wearing light up police car earings (the magic of the city bus was not demonstrated but the dice say it exists nonetheless.) It was also determined that the people on the bus were almost but not quite as diverse as Ms. Frizzle’s class.

We now await the actual murder and framing there of. Also, I think there may have been one instance of someone actually gaining ectoplasm from Boar Bones’ haunted apartment? I don’t remember. Fie.

Also, the fetter staff J-gumo received was determined to have the soul of a lumberjack who was murdered by another lumberjack when the rowan tree fell on him and crushed him so the krewe broke the staff in half and sent his soul along.

I think I’m still missing stuff and would appreciate my players editing this if needed to reflect actual timeline of events and/or what actually happened.



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