Cult-ivate Your Gods

All Up In the Cult

So, the krewe decided to hit up a club in pursuit of knowledge off vampires. While there, J-gumo discovered the atrocious sake as was his priority and Boar Bones promised J-gumo a favor in exchange for paying for Boar Bones’ drink. Boar Bones then proceeded to order a layered… shenanigans which the bartender couldn’t follow up on but made a pretty tasty drink anyway. Then the bartender charged them $30, to which J-gumo promised an additional $5 if the bartender would throw out the sake. The bartender agreed, since for the price of this drink he could replace the bottle anyway.

Boar Bones and Wailing Shadow then decided to peruse the crowd for their own reasons and immediately get their eyes stuck on the vampire, Sam Mynatt (not that either of them know the character’s name yet.) Wailing Shadow recognized Sam as the vampire that killed him and decided to immediately set the fighters on them. While they were debating what to do, Sam disappeared downstairs with his victim. Boar Bones followed suit, because he actually knew how to stealth. Wailing Shadow then activated a Stillness Boneyard to aid the rest of the team in stealthing after the vampire and told them to turn their phones to silent and pass that on to Boar Bones when they caught up.

Boar Bones was the first down the stairs, sneaking past whatever security actually separated the house part from the club part and manifesting blood to pick the lock on the door the vampire went through. As he did, J-gumo and Mud Doll came up behind him, passing along the message which is promptl followed. Boar Bones opened the door and slung a Stigmata Curse at Sam to give him a Glasgow grin. The vampire then started coming after him and Boar Bones tapped J-gumo in to do his combat shtick. Mud Doll had her Shroud up and brass knuckles on and proceeded to smash the vampire in the face. J-gumo almost but not quite managed to break Sam’s leg which would have helped because immediately after that Sam ran the fuck outta there with vampire superspeed (alternately known as Celerity.)

Meanwhile, upstairs, Wailing Shadows had acquired a bottle of vodka of the highest proof they had, ripped his shirt and started making a molotov cocktail. The vampire dashed past him, screaming for the cops, his sire and any kind of help in general. The rest of the krewe followed suit, then, seeing the molotov cocktail to be, left the building. Wailing Shadows lit the cocktail and tossed it down the stairs where it failed to be put out by the sprinkler system. He evacuates with the rest of the club and decided to continue tracking the vampire and sicking the krewe on it.

Since he’s a professional journalist (or would be if he had a real job and not just being shady as all get out), Wailing Shadow had no trouble at all following the bleeding vampire and texted his krewe to meet up with him and finish the job. It was determined that they probably turned the volume back on for their ringers after leaving the club, so J-gumo and Mud Doll totally rejoined. Boar Bones, having other priorities and not being a tank, disappeared to go pursue said other priorities.

The remaining trio pursued the vampire into a dead end alleyway, blocked him in and beat the remaining blood out of him while Wailing Shadows took out his camera and filmed it. When the vampire was stuck in torpor, he went over to it with his camera out and forced Sam’s retractable fangs to come out. There was a brief debate over interrogating the vampire when he woke up a couple of weeks down the road or burning him to true death then and there. Being the blood thirsty krewe that they are, they burned him. It is worth noting that at this point the entirety of the club had emptied out onto the street, it’s dark out and suddenly a great big not-quite bonfire started up in an alley. They left, J-gumo commenting about hobos, and Mud Doll asked J-gumo to train her and he offered his hourly rate and said the first session would be getting him good quality sake. Mud Doll refused to pay him so she could buy sake for him because that actually is really dumb. J-gumo went to go meditate in a cemetery (not gaining any plasm because he was actually full up thanks to living in a haunted apartment) and everybody else went home.



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