Cult-ivate Your Gods

All Up In the Cult

So, the krewe decided to hit up a club in pursuit of knowledge off vampires. While there, J-gumo discovered the atrocious sake as was his priority and Boar Bones promised J-gumo a favor in exchange for paying for Boar Bones’ drink. Boar Bones then proceeded to order a layered… shenanigans which the bartender couldn’t follow up on but made a pretty tasty drink anyway. Then the bartender charged them $30, to which J-gumo promised an additional $5 if the bartender would throw out the sake. The bartender agreed, since for the price of this drink he could replace the bottle anyway.

Boar Bones and Wailing Shadow then decided to peruse the crowd for their own reasons and immediately get their eyes stuck on the vampire, Sam Mynatt (not that either of them know the character’s name yet.) Wailing Shadow recognized Sam as the vampire that killed him and decided to immediately set the fighters on them. While they were debating what to do, Sam disappeared downstairs with his victim. Boar Bones followed suit, because he actually knew how to stealth. Wailing Shadow then activated a Stillness Boneyard to aid the rest of the team in stealthing after the vampire and told them to turn their phones to silent and pass that on to Boar Bones when they caught up.

Boar Bones was the first down the stairs, sneaking past whatever security actually separated the house part from the club part and manifesting blood to pick the lock on the door the vampire went through. As he did, J-gumo and Mud Doll came up behind him, passing along the message which is promptl followed. Boar Bones opened the door and slung a Stigmata Curse at Sam to give him a Glasgow grin. The vampire then started coming after him and Boar Bones tapped J-gumo in to do his combat shtick. Mud Doll had her Shroud up and brass knuckles on and proceeded to smash the vampire in the face. J-gumo almost but not quite managed to break Sam’s leg which would have helped because immediately after that Sam ran the fuck outta there with vampire superspeed (alternately known as Celerity.)

Meanwhile, upstairs, Wailing Shadows had acquired a bottle of vodka of the highest proof they had, ripped his shirt and started making a molotov cocktail. The vampire dashed past him, screaming for the cops, his sire and any kind of help in general. The rest of the krewe followed suit, then, seeing the molotov cocktail to be, left the building. Wailing Shadows lit the cocktail and tossed it down the stairs where it failed to be put out by the sprinkler system. He evacuates with the rest of the club and decided to continue tracking the vampire and sicking the krewe on it.

Since he’s a professional journalist (or would be if he had a real job and not just being shady as all get out), Wailing Shadow had no trouble at all following the bleeding vampire and texted his krewe to meet up with him and finish the job. It was determined that they probably turned the volume back on for their ringers after leaving the club, so J-gumo and Mud Doll totally rejoined. Boar Bones, having other priorities and not being a tank, disappeared to go pursue said other priorities.

The remaining trio pursued the vampire into a dead end alleyway, blocked him in and beat the remaining blood out of him while Wailing Shadows took out his camera and filmed it. When the vampire was stuck in torpor, he went over to it with his camera out and forced Sam’s retractable fangs to come out. There was a brief debate over interrogating the vampire when he woke up a couple of weeks down the road or burning him to true death then and there. Being the blood thirsty krewe that they are, they burned him. It is worth noting that at this point the entirety of the club had emptied out onto the street, it’s dark out and suddenly a great big not-quite bonfire started up in an alley. They left, J-gumo commenting about hobos, and Mud Doll asked J-gumo to train her and he offered his hourly rate and said the first session would be getting him good quality sake. Mud Doll refused to pay him so she could buy sake for him because that actually is really dumb. J-gumo went to go meditate in a cemetery (not gaining any plasm because he was actually full up thanks to living in a haunted apartment) and everybody else went home.

Cult-ure Shock

After awakening from hallucinogenic cult-creating shenanigans, the krewe demanded coffee. Well, Boar Bones decided to shop for cult related accessories, put his face on, and then go for coffee. After an arm wrestling contest (Mud Doll and J-gumo, Mud Doll won), and an investigation from Wailing Shadow into Caleb Davis (moderately successful, turns out he’s a ghost buster but not nearly as obnoxious or public as Knight Court), the krewe goes to get coffee of varying degrees of sugar, cream and who knows what else. It has been determined that while the cafe doesn’t have a liquor license yet, it will soon.

Post coffee, the krewe decided to hit up a graveyard. That’s when they discussed rooming situations and the fact that they totally created a religion last night… And whether said a religion needed a theme song (it doesn’t.) Diagrams are drawn, religion is codified, all in a mostly peaceful cemetary on a Sunday. Also, it is re-established that Boar Bones’ apartment is haunted, but not why. The question of what kind of entertainment ghosts like also came up.

They established that they hate vampires (mostly because of Wailing Shadow and pre-existing prejudice there) and that they need at least two outfits per person for hunting vampires. Also, they decided to make money by hunting vampires by investigating them and selling the info to other actual vampire hunters (and then backing them up.)

Boar Bones and J-gumo both agreed to watch their phrasing in the future. They all agreed they need connections and allies (to eventually be converted to minions.) Afterward, Mud Doll and J-gumo decided to spar for an hour (after sunset) and Wailing Shadow timed the exchange, reading his newspaper. After which, they all decided to retire for the night.

Mud Doll and Wailing Shadow went home unaccosted and went over roommate rules. Boar Bones and J-gumo went back to HEB and ran into Mormons on the way there, but nothing really happened. Yeah, they went to buy alcohol again. Everybody went home and decided to pursue their own goals the next day.

Next day, J-Gumo and Boar Bones exchanged favors so Boar Bones found a smith (who found a smith) to make a Chinese broadsword for J-Gumo. In exchange, J-Gumo paid for Boar Bones’ haircut so Boar Bones could become actual friends, not just professional friends, with her hairdresser Jasmin Lorna Obama (thanks random name generator!) Meanwhile, Wailing Shadows decided to look into people to sell info about vampires to and in the process managed to find another vampire whom he, naturally, wants to destroy. They decided to meet back up at the cemetery to chat because that makes all of the sense. While there, they discussed their plan of action on investigating the vampires.

(Two days later, I return and find myself fuzzy on the timeline. Well, I got most of it done, at least.)

The krewe decided to scope out Alan Parish, one of the names Wailing Shadow was given while looking into people who’d pay for interesting/weird/truth-is-out-there information who sounded incredibly, suspiciously like a stereotypical vampire. The third day of these shenanigans they hit up the rental home he shares with Haley Thorne and Wailing Shadow used a Boneyard to investigate and see what he could find: Two people sleeping in a bedroom with windows blocked out with black out curtains. Being a Sin Eater, he could tell that they were undead and not just normal people sleeping although one certainly resembled a human more than the other. Deciding that the best course of action would be to frame the first vampire, Caleb Davis, for the murder of Alan Parish and (probably, though not actually stated) Haley Thorne, the krewe went back to the Driskill Hotel to spy (again with Wailing Shadow’s Boneyard) on him. Like a good transient vampire, or rather a transient vampire of quality because the only good vampire is a perma-dead vampire, he was sleeping in his hotel bathtub and had a “do not disturb” sign on the door.

Nobody did anything to the vampires in question and decided to head out and gather supplies. Either that day or the previous day, Mud Doll and Wailing Shadow went to first an army surplus depot and then a police supply store to pick up a holster for Wailing Shadow’s handgun and to get Mud Doll some steel toe boots. Since no one has a car, the bus was taken where upon it was established that their bus to the vicinity of the police station is Ms. Frizzle (or someone very similar) wearing light up police car earings (the magic of the city bus was not demonstrated but the dice say it exists nonetheless.) It was also determined that the people on the bus were almost but not quite as diverse as Ms. Frizzle’s class.

We now await the actual murder and framing there of. Also, I think there may have been one instance of someone actually gaining ectoplasm from Boar Bones’ haunted apartment? I don’t remember. Fie.

Also, the fetter staff J-gumo received was determined to have the soul of a lumberjack who was murdered by another lumberjack when the rowan tree fell on him and crushed him so the krewe broke the staff in half and sent his soul along.

I think I’m still missing stuff and would appreciate my players editing this if needed to reflect actual timeline of events and/or what actually happened.

Flesh Fairs and Their Many Meanings
Or How Ridiculous Can We Get?

To herald the arrival of Knight Court, everyone’s favorite medieval themed ghost busting webseries, a convention was held because the wonders of a dedicated fandom will never cease. It helps, of course, that Sin Eaters find their arrival as a convenient excuse to meet, greet, and do a whole lot of other things. A lot of other things. Mostly other things.

For simplicity, I’m going to refer to people by their geist, since I haven’t learned everyone’s character names yet. Also, it’s funnier that way.

So, Wailing Shadow and Mud Doll were there to buy untraceable and illegal weaponry, respectively, Boar Bones wanted a dress and Jyorougumo wanted a staff. Luckily, being not just a ridiculously nerdy convention but also a gathering for Sin Eaters near and far (mostly near) all things can be provided for! Well, within some semblance of reason. And so, Wailing Shadow convinced Harry Dresden to sell him some “fireworks” after hours, Mud Doll overheard the exchange and decided to bully the mostly unbullyable (but apparently not entirely) Dresden into selling her some brass knuckles. Wailing Shadow went to go investigate Dresden by persuading the hotel clerk that he was there to sexually surprise an old friend and she, being rather dim, romantic, and kinky, totally gave Wailing Shadow (pretending to be Jim Butcher) Dresden’s room number but not his key because that’s totally a breach of policy. So is giving out room numbers, but hey, he could have gotten that info from anyone. This was also our first time using the social maneuvering system and hey, it worked out OK. Whee!

Wailing Shadow goes up to scope out room 423 (and everything else for several hundred yards) using Boneyard and discovers how incredibly easy it is to get laid at a flesh fair/convention, that no, there’s nothing really interesting besides a bunch of suitcases in the room he wants, but holy crap there’s a (sleeping) vampire just across the way! He (for the moment) wisely keeps to himself and heads back down since breaking down doors to get at a sleeping tenant raises all kinds of alarms and discretion is the better part of valor. Hah, discretion.

Meanwhile! Boar Bones manages to find a lovely black saloon dress, authentic but not magical (surprising on many accounts such as: Why the hell were they selling a saloon dress at a medieval themed convention? How does something so authentic get sold at a Sin Eater gathering and not have spooky stuff attached? Why was it so cheap? But hey, it was a sweet dress, it was an excellent price and who can argue with looking that good? Boar Bones decided that the next step was to accessorize! And party. And drink. Mostly drink, and watch the misadventures of Wailing Shadow and Mud Doll as they make up for their uncouth behavior by being more uncouth and seducing the dealer for a better deal on their weapons.

Jyorougumo, meanwhile, had perhaps one of the luckiest deals of all when he managed to find a rowan staff carved with images of Genbu for thirty bucks that happened to also be a fetter. Why Rowan and why Genbu? I rolled for it. The dice determined it was not carved with images of the turtle Donatello but it was carved with images of a turtle. The dice also determined it was neither balsawood nor oak, and rowan was my next guess as I jumped around with tree names. Also, Rule of Cool. So, one awesome staff of Torn threshold, Grave Dirt key and Terrify numen to pretend is a walking stick (why is it so thick? In case someone really, really heavy needs it. Not much of a walking stick if it breaks, officer!) Jyorougumo then decided the next order of events was booze, and decided to hang out at the bar with Boar Bones while critiquing the sake and observing the other two not-yet-party-members.

So, Wailing Shadow and Mud Doll have a violent threesome with Harry Dresden where Wailing Shadow asked for (and received) a donkey punch from Mud Doll (because life is all about the experiences, and Mud Doll was a sufficiently trained martial artist to pull her punch and not kill him or hurt him more than necessary) and they each got weapons for cheap because Dresden really, really liked it. Not enough to give them his phone number or real name though. Now Mud Doll has a pair of brass knuckles that have the Torn threshold and no set key, being charms, and Wailing Shadow has to deal with not having a haunted gun. The horror, the shame.

By the time they’re all done, it was time for the rave where Mud Doll decided she needed to start a mosh pit, Wailing Shadow decided that he really wanted a krewe and Mud Doll totally had to be in it but he needed more people so bought some magically drugged sugar skulls shaped like knight helmets because theming and how else is he going to get people to make a krewe with him, Jyorougumo checks out the rave and Boar Bones ran back home to change, leaving their card behind at the bar. Luckily they returned quick enough and got their card back before the bar closed. Then they got stuck in the mosh pit that Mud Doll started, though managed to get out before they took damage, where they then began chatting with the only two people not moshing, Wailing Shadow and Jyorougumo.

After a few turns and finally winding up with a few bits of bashing damage due to being short and moshing, Mud Doll also left the impromptu mosh pit and Jyorougumo administered some first aid. How or with what, I didn’t ask, and neither did any of the rest of us because sometimes we just let rolls happen. Either way, it happened. While most of them were chatting away, Wailing Shadow decided to be an asshole to the vampire he didn’t even know who was now awake upstairs and actually chatting with the Knight Court krewe upstairs. Wailing Shadow used his Phantasmal Boneyard to make the vampire think that not only was the room on fire, but so were the people there that he had been fanboying over (discretely, because vampires are every so discrete) and trading stories (and probably other things) with. The vampire managed to (barely) maintain his composure long enough to alert them to the fact that they’re totally on fire and need to do something about it before he bid them adieu and found that everything everywhere he went was on fire. Due to the exceptional successes acquired on this roll (8, for those who care), Wailing Shadow didn’t even have to concentrate and was making notes on his phone that others saw as texting.

The other three decided that they required more booze and (followed by a still gleeful Wailing Shadow) hit up a super nice HEB (that, in review of an actual Austin map later doesn’t actually exist but my world, my rules, it totally does now) that actually carried decent sake for Jyorougumo. Purchases were made, and then they decided to hit up Boar Bones’ totally haunted apartment so they wouldn’t have to worry about public intoxication. During the trip, Wailing Shadow used Boneyard to send an angel to the vampire promising to end the nightmare in exchange for his name and purpose, which the vampire quickly and honestly tells the angel because he was desperate.

Upon arrival at Boar Bones’ apartment, booze is passed around as so are Wailing Shadow’s sugar helmets. At first, Jyorougumo is reluctant but gets peer pressured into taking one, followed by Boar Bones assuring their geist that no, this won’t affect their reputation and really, they need to experience more. They then all proceed to start tripping and when Wailing Shadow asks for a knife, Boar Bones actually gets one from the kitchen, and everyone proceeds to slice their hand open and give each other bloody high fives. Then the massive hallucinations start and a religion is born! However, they’re still tripping when they are freed from the hallucinations, weird, bizarre and yet strangely understandable as they were. They then decide they should totally demonstrate their powers, so Wailing Shadow uses Phantasmal Boneyard to create an aurora borealis on the ceiling, complete with dancing animal silhouettes. Boar Bones uses Stigmata Curse to scar a spider onto Jyorougumo’s chest (fully appreciated when the martial artist strips his shirt off.) Jyorougumo uses Passion Caul to make everybody love him (or at least endeared) and Mud Doll breaks a knife on herself thanks to her Shroud and fends off Jyorougumo’s Hadouken easily with it.

Afterward, everyone is very buddy-buddy, Mud Doll spoons Wailing Shadow on the floor, Jyorougumo curls up in a corner and Boar Bones asks Mud Doll and Wailing Shadow not to get the floor pregant before retiring downstairs to sleep.

Edit: So, since this sort of took place at the Driskill Hotel, I decided to look at their website and menu for their bar. Yowza. Also, the bar closes at 2 AM on Friday and Saturday nights and the events of Knight Con were probably on Saturday. Also, I want a Batini, official drink of Austin. Alternately, a Texas Orange Blossom. ahem Oh well, my world, my rules. Note to self: Driskill is a super swank hotel and would not actually have catered nearly as much to Knight Court as happened in the campaign. Meh.

Wiki Progress
The plot not so much thickens as coalesces

So, now that I’ve got the skeleton up and can just edit pages as stuff happens instead of creating them wholesale, let’s go over what all is going on story wise.

You all are moderately experienced Sin Eaters with a fairly new krewe. How do we know this? Because krewe’s have an experience track just for the krewe (I blame Hunter for this, they did it first and then they brought the mechanic back for you guys) and that track is empty. So, experienced Sin Eaters who are trying out the krewe thing because you’ve probably known each other for a while.

But with great power comes great desire to get a cut of the action. Austin has always had its little subdivisions and subcultures and stuff and everybody knows about that. Even mortals. Arguably, especially mortals. However, they don’t know the lines in the sand drawn by the more supernaturally oriented factions. Austin has a lot of hunters who patrol and claim a lot of it for their own. Ashwood Abbey, being the obnoxiously wealthy types, claim a great deal of north Austin… Which, if you look at a map, are also where a lot of the parks and preservations and such are… Which are werewolf territory. There’s a lot of butting heads. And a lot of butts, because nothing guarantees pretty people and wild sex quite like either of those two.

The Union is a faction of hunters that tends to roam. They’re generally fighting off the vampires on 6th street and the east side. They’re the biggest and most obvious threat to a lot of people, so that’s what they go after. And I should say a faction of vampires because somehow, someway, a trio of them has set up their own little farming commune with a menagerie of loyal ghouls, thralls and whatever else will ail you outside the city. They are, impressively enough, not racking up a body count and keep to themselves. They do, however, enjoy pissing off the other vampires because they can.

Then there’s Network Zero, who aren’t really into this whole fighting thing. I mean sure, you can if you want, but don’t you think this would be so much cooler to just watch? And why keep the images to yourself when you can share them so everybody knows what’s going on? They, and the South Austin Supernatural Squad, are based on the UT campus, with Network Zero spread a bit farther since they have twice the numbers of SASS without any of the official acknowledgement from the school. Oh yeah, SASS is an official UT club and you bet some of them also play Quidditch, and attend any (and possibly every) other nerd and geek club on campus.

But wait, there’s more! How much more? Eh, not that much, because most of the others don’t really have “territories.” You have the other established Sin Eater krewe, Knight Court, who are a roaming krewe that film a ghostbusting webseries where they dress up in chain or plate armor and go around to haunted houses and bust ghosts with really awesome “special effects.” If they’re doing a slightly less actiony episode they go in court garb, like when they visit one of the hotels that actually gets ghost tourism. How you hear about them depends on a lot of things, like if you read the newspaper or check local events or not. Ahem.

Speaking of starting the story, stuff that’s been going on spooky wise the week prior to game start:

Knight Court rolls into town, films the first part of their Austin saga in a hotel, begins getting into contact with fans in the area who claim they have totally haunted houses, yo. Those living in apartments get pushed to the back of the list because they have to clear things with apartment managers and higher ups and hassle, hassle, hassle.

Vampire court has sent over a delegate to communicate with the Circle of the Crone vampires at their commune, tryng to convince them that they totally have to participate in vampire politics because it’s required by something or other. Also, maybe masquerade? Crones respond by seducing the delegate and convincing her that no, they’re totally cool.

Ashwood Abbey has begun their debate on what the fall competition should be and what the prize should be for. For once, tensions with the werewolves are actually down so who can bring the most pelts in is not actually a viable option. For once.


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