Gisela Althaus

Chairman of the local chapter of Ashwood Abbey.



Academics 2
Computers 2
Investigation 4
Medicine 2
Occult 4
Politics 4
Science 2

Athletics 2
Brawl 3
Drive 2
Firearms 4
Larceny 2
Stealth 3
Survival 3
Weaponry 3

Empathy 3
Expression 4
Intimidation 4
Persuasion 4
Socialize 3
Streetwise 2
Subterfuge 4

Danger Sense
Close quarters combat 5
Shiv 2
Unarmed Defense 5
Resources 4
Status 4 Abbey


Gisela is a middle aged woman who loves to dress in darkly colored pantsuits tailored to her thin frame. Her blonde-brown hair is generally kept in a loose bun. Her face has few wrinkles and all of its mobility since she finds Botox disgusting. “There are better ways to keep up appearances,” she claims. She instead claims that financing and providing for the competitions both within and without her chapter of the Abbey is what gives her youthful vigor.

Gisela, or Madame Althaus, Miss Althaus if you must, has been a member of the Abbey for as long as she’s been independent. She will gladly inform you that she has always been independent, it is merely the manifestation of such that has changed. Until about a decade ago she was quite the hunter herself and her trophy room will back this up. She has quite a lot of strange memorabilia which she occassionaly wagers as a prize for a competition that the other Abbey members will fall over themselves to participate in.

Gisela Althaus

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