Cult-ivate Your Gods

Wiki Progress

The plot not so much thickens as coalesces

So, now that I’ve got the skeleton up and can just edit pages as stuff happens instead of creating them wholesale, let’s go over what all is going on story wise.

You all are moderately experienced Sin Eaters with a fairly new krewe. How do we know this? Because krewe’s have an experience track just for the krewe (I blame Hunter for this, they did it first and then they brought the mechanic back for you guys) and that track is empty. So, experienced Sin Eaters who are trying out the krewe thing because you’ve probably known each other for a while.

But with great power comes great desire to get a cut of the action. Austin has always had its little subdivisions and subcultures and stuff and everybody knows about that. Even mortals. Arguably, especially mortals. However, they don’t know the lines in the sand drawn by the more supernaturally oriented factions. Austin has a lot of hunters who patrol and claim a lot of it for their own. Ashwood Abbey, being the obnoxiously wealthy types, claim a great deal of north Austin… Which, if you look at a map, are also where a lot of the parks and preservations and such are… Which are werewolf territory. There’s a lot of butting heads. And a lot of butts, because nothing guarantees pretty people and wild sex quite like either of those two.

The Union is a faction of hunters that tends to roam. They’re generally fighting off the vampires on 6th street and the east side. They’re the biggest and most obvious threat to a lot of people, so that’s what they go after. And I should say a faction of vampires because somehow, someway, a trio of them has set up their own little farming commune with a menagerie of loyal ghouls, thralls and whatever else will ail you outside the city. They are, impressively enough, not racking up a body count and keep to themselves. They do, however, enjoy pissing off the other vampires because they can.

Then there’s Network Zero, who aren’t really into this whole fighting thing. I mean sure, you can if you want, but don’t you think this would be so much cooler to just watch? And why keep the images to yourself when you can share them so everybody knows what’s going on? They, and the South Austin Supernatural Squad, are based on the UT campus, with Network Zero spread a bit farther since they have twice the numbers of SASS without any of the official acknowledgement from the school. Oh yeah, SASS is an official UT club and you bet some of them also play Quidditch, and attend any (and possibly every) other nerd and geek club on campus.

But wait, there’s more! How much more? Eh, not that much, because most of the others don’t really have “territories.” You have the other established Sin Eater krewe, Knight Court, who are a roaming krewe that film a ghostbusting webseries where they dress up in chain or plate armor and go around to haunted houses and bust ghosts with really awesome “special effects.” If they’re doing a slightly less actiony episode they go in court garb, like when they visit one of the hotels that actually gets ghost tourism. How you hear about them depends on a lot of things, like if you read the newspaper or check local events or not. Ahem.

Speaking of starting the story, stuff that’s been going on spooky wise the week prior to game start:

Knight Court rolls into town, films the first part of their Austin saga in a hotel, begins getting into contact with fans in the area who claim they have totally haunted houses, yo. Those living in apartments get pushed to the back of the list because they have to clear things with apartment managers and higher ups and hassle, hassle, hassle.

Vampire court has sent over a delegate to communicate with the Circle of the Crone vampires at their commune, tryng to convince them that they totally have to participate in vampire politics because it’s required by something or other. Also, maybe masquerade? Crones respond by seducing the delegate and convincing her that no, they’re totally cool.

Ashwood Abbey has begun their debate on what the fall competition should be and what the prize should be for. For once, tensions with the werewolves are actually down so who can bring the most pelts in is not actually a viable option. For once.



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